Baykost. That's who we are. We exist to support people Exploit Their Passion.

The name Baykost derives from the Czech word Uzkost, translating to a word that sits very close to the heart with the founder. Anxiety.

The founder, Jordan, believed that following and creating a lifestyle around what you do, can be a pathway to a happier and healthier life, and relieve many of the worries and negative beliefs we have in our minds. And by following his passion for design, creation and business, Baykost was born. And with an aim to help as many people exploit their passion too.

Through clothes and through our message, we hope to inspire change for the good.

what we


Since starting out in a young and driven 18 year old's room back in 2020, we fully understand that everyone has a journey, and we're all on our own path. We're still early in ours, on our way to becoming not only one of the largest clothing brands but has the deepest connection with it's customers.

HONESTY - It's the forefront of all solid relationships. Honesty with everyone involved in the business and honesty with each and every customer. If you're not honest, then you're living as someone or something you're not!

COMMUNICATION - It's great being honest, but if we can't communicate it, what's the point! Being able to communicate honestly with our customers is TOP priority. From customers service to promoting our message on the socials!

KINDNESS - This triumphs all. Simple as. Makes your world better and everyone else's world better.

DRIVE - No, we don't mean how well you can drive. We mean the burning desire to improve and become a better version of you. And to do something you truly love and further fuels that drive. There may be different ingredients that make up the drive within us, but we're all on the same path to become that better version of ourselves, and to find and exploit our passion.