The Baykost Product EXPERIENCE

The Baykost Product EXPERIENCE

When I was starting the brand, this product based business, I knew it had to be special.

The experience had to be like no other. Like, you when you just get a really JUICY unboxing experience, like an Apple iPhone box for example! You’re not just getting a product, but an experience.

From when you hop on the website to when you receive that JUICY package in the post, to then wearing the clothes of course. It had to be INCREDIBLE.

Frosted matte packaging, to custom hang tags, to hand written notes with every order, to a custom video of the customers order, THIS is what Baykost that wholesome experience. As a small business, this was KEY.

But, if I want to grow even bigger, we’ll have to innovate in creating this incredible experience as a broad scale…because I don’t think I’ll be be able to hand write 1000 letters every day!

Thank you to all those who’ve ordered with Baykost, you mean the world.

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