We SOLD OUT in our Clearance Sale?

We SOLD OUT in our Clearance Sale?

The sale has been MANIC!!!!!!!!!!

We've sold out on all the beanies, apart from the pastel beach poor little fella, the shorts are almost gone, the long sleeves are almost gone, the t-shirt are almost gone.

And when I say almost gone I mean only like 3 or 4 left!

So a big thank you to everyone that's been involved!

We've been busy packing all of the orders, adding in a couple of surprises for people, I think we doubled someones order the other day, so he bought a denim jacket and a sleeveless top, we added in an extra denim jacket AND like 3 more sleeveless tops! This is the level we do our clearance sales at!

Next up... phase 2 of the sale #superoversizesale

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