How Baykost Began

How Baykost Began

When I was 17, I found myself stuck in a job that I hated, making just £6.50 an hour. I knew I wanted to start my own business, but I wasn't sure where to start. I wanted to create something that would be meaningful to me, and that's when it hit me - why not create the kind of clothing brand that I would actually want to wear?


I got to work immediately, creating a name, a logo, and a slogan that embodied what my brand, BAYKOST, was all about: creating a life around your passion. I spent hours researching how to build a custom website, and then spent even more time researching the best materials and products to source.


But even with all of that hard work, I knew that I needed to get the word out about my brand if I wanted it to succeed. That's when I remembered something I had heard from Gary Vee: if you have a small business, get on TikTok!


My first video was terrible - just a moving picture with a motivational quote. But I knew there was potential there, so I spent hours researching the most viral videos and figuring out what worked. I posted every single day, and within just a few videos, I started to see some real success.


My 12th video got 4,000 views - I couldn't believe it! And then, after just 15 videos, I got my very first order. It was an incredible moment that made all of the hard work worth it.


Starting your own business is never easy, but if you put in the work and stay focused on your passion, you can achieve anything. So if you're thinking about starting your own clothing brand, take it from me - that first "cha-ching" moment is just around the corner.

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