£1.2k in the first day?

£1.2k in the first day?

The first day of the clearance sale has been CRAZY! By far the best sale we’ve had!

We don’t normally share numbers but we did around £1.2k in the first afternoon, with each item averaging £9, which is an absolute steal btw!, so it’s been pretty hectic!

I‘ve been packing non stop for the last day, and tbh I’ve had a hiccup or two. One of my customers ordered a longsleeve which said it was in stock when it actually wasn’t! So I oversold it! Instead of a boring ol refund, I decided to not only replace it with a white one, but also add in a cap, denim jacket AND a sleeveless! 

What I’ve learnt in business is that some of the best relationships can come from a mistake IF handled correctly! 

I’ve bUlithi so many amazing connections with customers purely from a mistake I made or an error that occurred, and I empathised being the customer and handled it in a way that I would want if I was the customer, and some of them have come to be some of my top customers!

So remember, if you ever make a mistake, it may just be the exact thing that needs to happen!


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